About Clever Covers

Why Use a Clever Cover?

Enhance the decor of any room with Clever Covers! These pleated lampshade "slipcovers" adjust to fit over an existing lampshade. They are made out of beautiful wallpaper and when placed over a lampshade, they take on its shape. They work on any type of lampshade, from traditional to square to bell-shaped - even a drum shade! It's an easy fix if you want to change the look of your decor or upgrade a dusty, discolored lampshade.

How Does it Work?

Simply untie the satin ribbon and slip over the lampshade. Retie the ribbon and voila! A whole new look. There are 2 sizes to choose from; 9" h (adjustable width) and 12" h (adjustable width).
If your existing shade ranges from 5 to 9 inches in height, you'll choose a 9" Clever Cover. If your existing shade ranges from 9 - 12 inches in height, you'll choose a 12" Clever Cover. Just tighten the ribbon to adjust height of the Clever Cover. And it's fine if the Clever Cover is longer than your shade; the covers are meant to be used as a slipcover. In fact, a Clever Cover that is a few inches bigger than your existing shade - especially if the shade is too small for the lamp - can transform the proportions of your lamp and create a much more proportional, balanced look - in an instant!

Crafted by Hand

Clever Covers began when founder and creator Ariana Barron, previously in corporate sales, hit upon the idea for a lampshade cover. Nearly a decade later her designs have been sold in 250 stores throughout New England, with hundreds of satisfied customers. In the tradition of women-run cottage industries that thrived before the onset of mass production, every single lampshade is made by hand from start to finish in Ariana's New England studio. Contact Ariana by e-mail at: clevercovers@gmail.com